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We are a character-driven creative studio specialising in illustrations and animation.

We wanna paint the world more colourful using quirky characters, vibrant aesthetics and a whole lot of Jelli.


Designer &
Creative Director

Comes up with all the goofy ideas while operating our communications, productions and smashing studio playlists.


HR Meownager

Lights up the mood of the studio, boost our morale and graces our online meetings with her presence.


Office Meownager

Takes care of schedules and makes sure the whole team remembers when it's time to enjoy a delicious tuna treat.


Director, Illustrator &

Crafts the most obnoxious characters, intriguing worlds, groovy animations and amazing empanadas.

Jelli Spagetti is a family business, always on the lookout to collaborate with other creatives. 
If you believe we’re a match, we would be happy to hear from you!
We are eager work on projects that allow us to use our voice in topics we hold close to our hearts, such as BIPOC and LGBTQ+ themes. 🌈
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